Had a failure lately? Don't get angry, humiliated

or depressed... just use your Mulligan!


                                                                                                   By Chris Aykroid ©2-29-16


Have you ever messed up, blown it, choked or just missed an opportunity? Maybe it was a presentation, a big game or a romantic interlude. Were you prepared or ready to go but for whatever reason it just didn’t work out?

                                                 There is a solution...use your Mulligan!


What is a Mulligan you ask? In the game of golf it’s done all the time, it works for them, you mess up, you do it over, no big deal. the whole group on the round understands.

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Illustrate your ideas and bring them to life, information can be made more entertaining and understood, products that don't yet exist are on display, technical details can be shown, expensive photo shoots can be avoided...all with good illustration.

The Point-of-Purchase is where the customer is ready to buy. These concepts are placed right in the marketplace itself. This specialty uses creative design and (mostly), plastic polymers, various molding techniques and good placement that display aspects of the products to make the buying experience a lot more informative.

Retouching your photographs that are not quite there, it may be too expensive to re-shoot or maybe just impossible. A much better solution is to simply retouch the photo to get it where you need it.


Your web interface is your marketing effort. It is accessible by the world and can be the beginning of all of your print, branding and advertising efforts. It all starts with your interface. Here are some of my most favorite  designs from the last 18 months or so.  Designed by moi and expertly produced by the Orion Group in Sussex, Wi.

Printed items can be in many forms, all valuable to your marketing efforts. It could be as simple as a business card or as comprehensive as a presentation folder, brochure or magnetic calender. I can give you a quote as-well-as ideas.

An Avatar to be an ambassador for you online, a character to be part of your brand or to represent a product or service. Maybe a caricature of your staff to make a nicely done "about us" page on your website or publication.

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Hello, my name is Chris Aykroid

and I am a  designer.


I have been passionate about graphics...since collecting stickers as a kid. I think it's always fascinating how form, shape and color come together to make a stunning, (or even not so much), visual image.


I have been creating logos, web, print graphics, displays and interfaces for the Point of Purchase, Sign, Print and Web business' for many different customers for over... well, lets just say that it's a little while.


I use the Adobe suite of products, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Flash and Muse.


Is there any way I can help with the production of your product or service? I can work on-site or remotely.


Have a look over some of my work, I have selected some of my favorite projects to show...most fairly recent. If you have a question or want to get a hold of me for some other reason, use the contact form and I will get right back to you.


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